Splash Guard Install

Successful installation and use of the Splashguard depends on the waterproof Splashguard being firmly pinched in place between the weatherstrip on the door jamb and the weatherstrip on the door itself while in use to prevent water getting into cabin.

By hand, loosely locate waterproof fabric Splashguard so it overlaps door jamb weatherstrip along sides and bottom.


Using a pencil, mark the location of the top of the fabric onto the door jamb – ensuring the fabric remains overlapping the weatherstrip at bottom.

Repeat at other end of Splashguard.


Apply “hook” portion of velcro tab below pencil mark. Repeat at other end.



Hook portion of velcro tab installed.



Hold fabric back into position with shiny waterproof side to the interior. Using fingers as a guide, locate the position and apply the “Loop” portion of velcro tab to shiny inside surface so as to mate with the “hook” portion already adhered to door jamb, while ensuring fabric continues to overlap weatherstrip along both sides and bottom.


Applying “loop” portion of velcro to Splashguard. Repeat at other end.


Splashguard in position.

Note overlapping of weatherstrip.


While splashguards are in place, close door slowly so splashguard does not get blown out of position by wind gust created by slamming door closed.

Splashguard must remain pinched between door and jamb weatherstrips to be effective in holding back water that has gotten past window seal until it can drain out the factory weep holes without splashing into cabin.

When wet roads may be experienced, simply hook Splashguard into position on velcro tabs.

Keep tucked under mattress or in pouch during dry weather until needed.