Teardrop Trailer camping is  rapidly growing in popularity both in Canada and the USA. Dating back to the 1940’s, these versatile little teardrop campers are seeing a modern day resurgence in popularity for one simple reason – more fun for less money.

As a premium Canadian teardrop manufacturer we know there are many styles of camping, so whether all you need is a base camp for your adventures, or  perhaps something more comfortable for an extended stay – one thing is certain… for simplicity and fun, teardrop trailers can’t be beat!home

With a Northern Teardrop trailer you get…

Quality. Northern Teardrop Trailer does not aspire to build the cheapest trailer – quality suffers. Instead, we are proud to offer the lowest price that uncompromising quality of materials and workmanship will afford. And still we remain thousands of dollars less than comparable units. teardrop camper trailer for the ages.

Safety. For your protection, the engineered trailer frames we use at Northern Teardrop are certified by Transport Canada to meet or exceed the requirements of the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS). So now the only thing you have to worry about is the mosquitoes.

Convenience. Northern Teardrop’s kitchen is always ready to use – no set up, no hauling boxes of food or dishes, clothes, coolers or camp-stoves. truly convenient teardrop camping trailer.

Comfort. Northern Teardrop provides a comfortable, quiet, dry place to sleep, and what could be better than a good night’s sleep out camping.

Security. Northern Teardrop provides hard shell camping with locking doors – face it you’re probably camping in bear country (or human country for that matter).

Economy. Light weight – at just over 1000 lbs for our standard equipped model, most vehicles (even small cars) are equipped and capable of towing.

Spontaneity. Got an event to go to? A long trip to make? With a Northern Teardrop Trailer, no reservations are necessary, just get up and go – any where, any time.

Canadian. We are proudly a Canadian Teardrop Trailer company. Based in British Columbia and serving mostly BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, the Yukon and NWT, we know what’s important to you when you are looking for the best teardrop trailer company in Canada.  So if you are searching for a teardrop trailer for sale, just remember Northern Teardrop Trailer – the best Canadian teardrop trailer manufacturer – satisfying customers throughout BC, Alberta, and all of Western Canada.

Panel 1

Bright Spacious Interior

The bright, spacious interior comes standard with  two corner shelves, two elastic cargo net side pouches for bedtime storage, custom cabinets, shelves, cargo net hammock storage, clothes hooks, 3″ medium density foam bed, dome roof vent, locking doors with opening windows complete with screens for bug free ventilation, 12 volt power outlet for charging your electronics, twin swivel LED reading lamps. Additional legroom beyond the standard 74″ can be accommodated in 2 inch increments.

Panel 2

Compact and light weight

A tremendous step up from tenting, a Northern Teardrop Trailer offers many of the same conveniences of larger RV’s. Our bed and kitchen are always ready to use. Just pop open the galley hatch and cook under cover, out of the rain and sun. The standard equipped Northern Teardrop Trailer weighs just over 1000 lbs – well within most vehicles tow capacity. 5×8 Nahanni shown above with options include 10 spd reversible fan at roof vent, porch lights, and diamond plate aluminum tongue storage box.

Panel 3

Rugged Durability

All Northern Teardrop Trailers come standard with 2000 lb rated straight axle & leaf spring suspension system. Why? Because keeping it simple here gives you the confidence of owning a simple, effective suspension system that has been proven over time. And they are built tough – we’ve seen the places Northern Teardrop trailers have ventured to.  That is why we take the extra time to build it right. (Wood Buffalo model shown above is under construction and not yet set up with fenders)

Panel 4

Make it your own

At Northern Teardrop Trailer we have many options for you to choose from so you can customize your trailer to suit your specific needs. Shown above is our stock colour for the Kluane model – “Green on Green”, with a few of the available options including diamond plate tongue box and 10 spd reversible roof fan/vent. Many more custom colours available. See the “Features Gallery” page for a full list of standard and optional equipment with a la carte pricing